Captain James goes to Grimsby

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DSCF1261‘Ere I be drying out by the caravan heater.

Next they did take me to the National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Not that I need to know more about fishing.


I helped this young lady make her nets.


Then off to sea on the ‘ole Grimsby Town.


Not sure what this be to do with fishin’ but ‘ere I be on a scooter. Me 3 times great grandson Chris did tell me ‘ee used to have one like this.


This ‘ere binnacle is to ‘elp me to steer.


It be a bit chilly this far north so I did ‘elp to knock the ice off the rigging.


I did get in the wrong place at the wrong time again as this ‘ere fisherman did add ice to ‘is ‘errings.

Then we did stop by the galley for some grub.


Captain James meets with an accident

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I did go and spend Christmas with my little friend Lucy (branch 6) in Cambridge.

She took me to see some animals at Wimpole Hall Farm and I did fall in the mud.

Then there were some Clovelly donkeys. I hope they weren’t laughing at me.

Lucy kindly lent me a nappy bag so I could travel home without getting mud all over the pockets of me 3 x great grandson Christopher.

I did have to hope that I didn’t get thrown out with the nappies though.


Captain James in Lincoln

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I did visit Lincoln Arboretum when I got back from Whitby. It was a very sunny day and I did see a lake – but no fish for my tea this time.


This ‘ere lion be a bit more scary that them Clovelly donkeys but I don’t think he saw me.


I did sing some carols at the bandstand ‘ere too.


Here I be guarding the Christmas presents to take on my next trip to Cambridge.


Whitby with Rob and Martha (Branch 6) December 2013

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I did go on the Esk Valley train from Whitby to Middlesborough. It be a little different to a boat but a good deal warmer!

P1060809     P1060811

We did walk across the Moors to look at Danby Castle. It be very old – even older than me.

P1060814     P1060820

I also went to see Whitby Abbey – another very old building.


I had fish and chips at Quayside for my lunch – no mackerel here though, only sustainable cod (sounds a strange type of fish to me).


Whitby Pier did be jolly windy. This ‘ere boat did seem a bit bigger than my fishing boat.

P1060870      P1060872

Here I be playing Hide and Seek in Rob and Martha’s cottage

P1060873     P1060875

P1060876     P1060877

P1060878     P1060879

P1060880      P1060882

It were OK until they nearly left me behind.

Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Lake District and Somerset with Dave and Gloria Braund – June – September 2013 (Branch 4)

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8 June – Off on me adventures again. I leave for Folkestone with Dave and Gloria (branch 4)
29 June – Normally I would take me boat across the channel but it seems we do be on a train. I do see the old part of Luxembourg City IMG_5846


and some Storks in the services at Strasbourg.

30 June – We arrive in Interlaken, a lovely town between 2 lakes. After putting the awning up we sat by the lake in the sunshine. I rather have a row in the ole Ebeneezer meself.
1 July – Walked around Interlaken and in the centre of town we stopped for a Hot Chocolate. The view from the cafe was the top of the Eiger Mountain covered in snow.
2 July – We went by Cable car up to the Schilthorn for lunch in the revolving restaurant, it do make me a mort bilious. They tell me it was where James Bond’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was filmed. There be some Bonds living near Bucks but they b’aint a relation. The snow outside was really thick but it was lovely and warm in the sunshine. On our way back we visited the Trummelbach-falls which is fed by the Eiger, Jungfrau and Monach and carries 20,000 ltrs per second. It was a hard walk but so worth it.
3 July – We went by train over the Mountains to Luzern. It rained all day but the views from the train were lovely and Luzern with its spectacular bridges covered in flowers made for a good day out.
5 July – We went by 3 trains to Jungfrau going through the Eiger. There are Ice caves with large sculptures, Skiing and all sorts of activities in the snow. We don’t often get snow down ‘ome. Its the highest railway station in Europe 11,300 feet above sea level.
7 July – We went up the Neiderhorn which is one of the Mountains overlooking the Lake Thun where we were staying.
8-9-10 July – We went up the Rothorn, the Niesen and The First all different mountains but wonderful views from them all. Callum rode halfway down the First on a large scooter. It was very fast but exciting.
11 July – We took a circular car ride through the Furka Pass


and The Susten Pass
IMG_6368it was quite scary in many Places.
I had my photo taken at the top of the Furka Pass 7993 feet above sea level.

13 July – We took the Ice Train to the top of lake Thun. The Ice train goes from Interlaken to Berlin. It’s a German high speed train and runs so quiet you can hardly hear it. We came back by Boat. The boat zig zags across the lake back to to Interlaken stopping at small villages along the way.
15 July – Home to the UK
27 July – We are off to Somerset for three weeks visiting Gloria’s family.
8 August – We visited Lytes Cary Manor with lovely gardens.
9 August – Visiting Montacute House again with lovely gardens.
10 August- We took Gloria’s nephew and 2 nieces to Brean Leisure Park all had great fun.
31 August – Leave for the Lake District where we will be for the next 4 weeks.
1 September – Went to Windermere Shopping. We travel to most places by bus, not so scary on the very narrow roads. Though I be used to they.
5 September – Gloria fell down the steps of the Caravan hurting her toe. Then Dave managed to get a trapped nerve in this shoulder so that put paid to many of the walks and no driving for Dave. Thank goodness for our Bus Passes. The next couple of weeks we spent time visiting Beatrix Potter museums and her house at Hill Top Farm. It was interesting to find out that if it wasn’t for the sale of her little books the Lake District would be covered with Forests and houses.
21 September – We took the bus to Keswick where we visited the Pencil Museum. So many different types of pencils. There was one which concealed tiny maps used by Soldiers and Airmen during the war.
23 September – Visited Dove Cottage the Wordsworth Centre at Grasmere and walked around the lovely village of Grasmere.
25 September – Went by car to the Cumbrian Heavy Horse centre. There were Clydesdale, Shire, Ardennes and Suffolk Punches. So very big and beautiful. You can go on lovely rides along the beach and over the Fells but we gave it a miss.
27 September – A last look at Lake Coniston where we were staying and a wave to the Steam Yacht Gondola.

28 September – Back to Essex.

France with Dave and Gloria (Branch 4)

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Monday 6th May – A day out in Bude with the Braund Society. Here I am with Dave Braund (branch 4). Should have brought the ’ole Ebeneezer down.



I also had my picture taken with Maureen Braund (branch 4).


This menu mentions Cornish Cream Tea – Cornish?!! Where be me Deb’n pasties?


Friday 7th June – I be on what they do call Euro Tunnel Train heading to France. I don’t know why we can’t go by boat.


Saturday 8th June – I stopped at Chateauroux over night in the pouring rain. It always rains when the Braunds go to France. I don’t know who that be over there. Looks mighty like me. I bin warned about that there identity fraud.


Sunday 9th June – Arrived at Sauveterr e-la-Lemance a lovely camp site situated near Fumel.

Wednesday 12th June – Visited Rocamadour a village built in the hillside with wonderful views.




Friday 14th June – Villfranche, just a short ride from the site, a very small village I am in front of the market square. Also went to Monpazie one of the many walled villages in the area.


Spent the rest of me holiday visiting many places in France, especially vineyards. To be polite, I offered to taste the wine for Dave and Steve Braund. I do prefer me Deb’n scrumpy. Made our way home on the 23rd June.


Quick turn around after 5 days, left for Switzerland for Callum Braund’s 18th Birthday treat.

Captain James at the Braund Reunion May 2013

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I be in Devon meeting many friends for the Braund reunion. First we did take the folk round Torrington. It be a mite chilly so me 3 x great grandson let me hide in his coat.
Touring Torrington
Then I be off to Arlington Court where them posh folk the Chichesters did live in my time.
Dressing up
I made some new friends
making friends
More friends
and watched a 300 year old ship being preserved – that be old even for me.
300 year old ship

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