Hello me ’andsomes. I soon be off on me travels so I been down home in Bucks Mills.

I live in King’s Cottage and I’ve been keeping an eye on those Clovelly donkeys to see where they be to.

I’ve checked over me boat, The Grace Darling, and me lobster pots, which I’ve just brought in for the season.

That there Chris Braund, me 3 times great grandson, he’s been showing me round me own village.

He do think he looks like me you know. And here’s our little church at St. Anne’s.  Time was we had to walk to Parkham but some 150 years since that there Lady Elwes did build us a church to stop us becoming heathens.

Soon I be off to Australia. My young nephew James, he did spend some time there before he did settle in New Zealand and I do hear tell it be a mighty long row. So it may be a while before I do get the chance to write more. That there Chris Braund, he be helping me row and I be looking forrad to meeting many of you on me travels.