Well me ’andsomes I be down on Bideford quay.


In my day this were proper busy with folk unloading culm from Wales, for us to burn the lime
and all sorts. Folk ‘ud be off hither and yon like me brother William, oo did go to Port Hope in Canada in the 1830s.

 Where’s our boat be to? I can’t see no vessels that be right to row to Australia. My own Grace Darling, she be a bit small, but The Ebenezeer
now, proper job.

 That 3 x great grand son of mine he’s no chip off the old block, even though he do look like me. E sez we baint going to row after all,.
We be gwain by summat called a coach. Now young Eli Braund he be carrier down Clovelly mebbe e come by with ’is cart for us. I see another one of me descendants, young Stephanie (branch 2) ’as come to see me off. That be most kind of en.

 Well this ere coach be mighty mazing*. A notice do say I ’ave to perform reg’lar upper body movements. Well that be easy, it be jus’ like
rowin’. More mazing still, we be gwain in the air next. I did hear tell about them there balloon things but this do ’ave wings. It be passing strange.

 * puzzling/peculiar