There be lovely countryside here and plenty of them there kangaroos.

 Ah and now we do be by the sea. They do call this the Great Ocean Road and to me it baint much different from the coast round our way just more folk from foreign parts.

 We do get on this ’ere ferry. I can’t see no one rowing and it has no sails but it do take us across the water and then we do be on another


No one has got any nets out, what sort of fishermen be these? Now that there Janet she be swimmin’ about with them seals. Bit bigger than the seals down ’ome. Ours be pesky things and do eat all my fish but she don’t seem to be fishin’.

 They do be mighty keen on the scenery this ’ere Janet and Chris. When is one of them goin’ to do an honest day’s work? They be lookin’ at
penguins then more of them there koalas – no foxes for me to trap though. I did see a few rabbits and think they’d be nice for the pot but they baint catching them neither.

 Now we be at a place called Sovereign Hill and this do look more my sort of place. It be full of miners – bit like them that work at great
Consuls down Tavistock Way.

There be some red coats about with news of the war out east. I do well remember the Crimea when I was in me prime. Not that I did go you unnerstan’ too busy with me fishin’.

 I be leavin’ Janet and Chris at last I do be given this nice meal by Pam and Brian. She be cookin’ cod. I do catch plenty of that.