25th Oct. I went to Bendigo in Victoria and slept in the caravan for the first time. I had the opportunity to see the Wedding Dress Display from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London but declined. Not my thing at all!!!

26th Oct. I travelled to South Australia with the Parry’s. We slept in the caravan in a parking bay on the border. Once I got used to the dark and all the stars it reminded me of my time at sea. The stars of course are different to the ones I used to navigate by in Devon. Here there is the Southern Cross which in on the Australian flag and found in the southern sky.

27th Oct. It is getting quite hot here. 29 degrees Celsius today. I wish I had brought some shorts and a short sleeve top as my woolen clothes are very uncomfortable.

28th Oct. I met a Branch 4 cousin Patrick and went to school with him. It was strange watching him play Australian rules football and lunch time.