I remembered on 11/11 I was at the beach and wore my red poppy.

I am sleeping and living in a 1909 tram car. It is really sick. (That means good in current language here) What is happening to the Queens English in the colonies?

13th November – We had a house warming Party with 40 friends, to celebrate the completion of the renovations at Balgowan. I rather like the red wine here.

On Monday I went to St Bridget’s School with my cousin Patrick.

My cousin Megan has a farm near Gawler South Australia. It is harvest now and I went to see the hay bailing. The stacks are so high I had trouble climbing them and got grass seeds in my pants. It is very itchy. They have finished reaping the wheat.

Cousin David has a new motor bike. Woooooow. He took me for a ride but I had to wear a crash helmet. The kids even have to wear helmets when they ride cycles. It’s the law and David would get a fine if I didn’t wear it!!!!

David is building a new pergola so I helped paint the timbers. I was very careful not to get paint on my clothes as I do not have a spare set.

Birthday Cake for Stephanie. Yum

I thought I was in Australia but we had Greek food for the party as well and Sushi from Japan.

I spent the weekend at Nuriootpa. It is in the Barossa Valley. I really liked the “girls” from the Caravan Club. They are not as noisy as those teenagers at the party.

Christmas Tree with no snow. Trees are made of plastic! It is hot! Not many people are going to have hot turkey and pudding!

I asked Father Christmas for some bathers (swimming clothes) and flippers so I can swim with the cousins at the beach. I also need a hat with a wide brim and some sunscreen so I don’t get burnt.