I was thrilled to go fishing again, but things have changed with fish finders, GPS and echo sounders. Cameron and I did catch some beautiful King George Whiting at Balgowan South Australia. (Branch 4)

Christmas Eve. No fear of snow here, we are celebrating in 30 degree heat. Waiting for Father Christmas.

With Father John at St Johns Anglican Church at Maitland with cousin Helen Deefholts. (Branch 4) I really like her she is going to take me to New Zealand in March to meet my cousins there.

St Johns has windows with a variety of Gods creatures. This Australian Galah is a beautiful pink and grey parrot. They are very noisy and quite destructive but can be taught to talk.

Wow. I am learning to surf. Stephanie and Anna are teaching me. Pity I do not have any bathers or a wet suit!!! That’s what the locals call swimming togs.

I attended Vacation Swimming lessons with Stephanie at Balgowan. With 80 children on the beach i had to be careful noone stepped on me. I have learnt rescue and resusitation. Next year I could do my Bronze Medalion if I am able to come back.

At midnight we had marvellous fire works on the beach. They were very noisy but beautiful. I had to be very careful i did not get any sparks on me. It is now 2012.