It was Australia Day on 26th Jan. They have only been settled since 1788 by white man, so they are very young by UK standards.


I spent the morning at the beach having bacon, sausages, eggs and pancakes for breakfast. It was prepared by the local Country Fire Service. They are all volunteers and are very busy during the summer putting out grass fires and attending accidents.


This is Bruiser the CFS mascot.


This is Christina, she came to Australia from Liverpool. She is a real Australian now and all dressed up for the occasion


Traditional food for Australia Day is Pavlova served with berries and cream and Lamingtons.


I like lamingtons.


It is summer here and the peaches and tomatoes are soooooo juicy and tasty. These came from Christine’s garden. The tomato weighs 450g.


I had to be really careful when I climbed the peach tree. This photo was taken on Branch 4.