At last I be ’ome in Deben. I’ve enjoyed me adventures but ‘tis good to be back. No sooner home though than I be off agen but ’tis to Cornwall so the views be familiar. I be stopping’ near Land’s End. With me be Chris Braund (branch 2) me great great great grandson, Janet Few (branch 6), Pam and Brian Hall (branch 1) ’oo I met in Australia and Chris Parry (branch 4) and her friend Kerry who did bring me home.

I be off to St. Michael’s Mount, built as a monastery many years since. You do walk across a path to get to it. You do be meant to walk across a path to get back too but that their descendant of mine, Chris, he do leave it too late. He baint got ’is boat with ’im neither. Never fear there be boats we can travel in.

Then I do go to this ’ere Minack Theatre. It do be very good. First 4 young varmints called ‘Flats and Sharps’ play music that they do be calling bluegrass. The sea be very blue but I see no grass. Then ‘Fisherman’s Friends’ do sings songs of the sea. I try to keep me voice down as I do join in. Not to worry, that there Chris will drown me out. Me favourites be ‘What shall we do with a drunken sailor’ and ‘Bound for South Australia’ ceptin I ent. Been there, done that, got the garnsey.