Captain James in Italy – June 2012

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I have had a lovely time travelling around Italy – I have been to Naples, Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento and to the Island of Capri.  My branch 5 shipmates haven’t inherited Braund sealegs – they were seasick!!!! I am heading back to the UK tomorrow and off to Brussels on Tuesday !!


3rd June – At the Reunion

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Off to me ole church at St. Anne’s. I do remeber when they did build it back in 1862.

Then more grub at The Durrant Hotel. I did enjoy me pint o’ scrumpy.

Now I be with Fiona, Chris and Lucinda (branch 5). I am a great asset to their quiz team.

1st and 2nd June

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We did go down Appledore and did see photos of me family and the ‘ol Ebeneezer. In the evening that there Terry Bailey did take us round Appledore and we ‘eard tales of spooky doin’s of the past.


On Saturday I did fgo and see a great many things relatin’ to them there Braunds and ‘eard tell of Braunds and the Braund Society. They be a funny lot. ‘Ere I be with a huge great model of meself made by a famous artist Allin Braund

Then some lovely grub at Merry Harriers. I did get a bit carried away with the ole wine.

31st May – Lundy Island

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Today I be off on the ole Oldenberg to Lundy. It be ‘ere that me eldest son James did get killed collecting seagulls’ eggs back in 1867.
It be a good trip and the air sea rescue people did come along with their helicopter. Back in my day it be me and the Grace Darlin’ that did do any rescuing.
Demmned great bird that there helicopter be. I did think it ‘ud take the mast off the Oldenberg.
With Janet, Pam and Brian, I did race round Lundy just as the fog closed in.