A Few Days in Cologne 22nd – 24th December (Branch 6)

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I just be back from a few days in Germany. We did go by train on a very long trip.

I saw the Cathedral. It be a bit bigger than St Anne’s at Bucks.




Here is a view of Cologne from the top of a very high up building. Don’t look like there be many fish in that there water.



There were lots of padlocks couple had put on this bridge. I did think I should have brought one for Mary and me to leave.



There be very calm water in Cologne – this doesn’t look like any boat I seen before.



Rob and Martha had some tea. I didn’t have a very comfy seat ‘ere.



Here be the Cathedral again with Martha, on the roof of some art gallery. It all be very odd.



Then we did look at the Christmas markets. It all be very busy and noisy and there were some very funny music there.

P1050913             P1050874


Merry Christmas from Captain James.


More Cinema and a Holiday

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Yesterday I went on a train to visit Lincoln again and went back to the cinema, this time to see Life of Pi. There be a boat and lots of water. I never seen one of them tigers down Clovelly though.



Today I have packed my bags and my passport as tomorrow I do be off to Germany with Martha and Rob (Branch 6). I do hope they remember to bring me back.

A Bit of Baking

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Today I helped Martha do some baking. She made a banoffee pie and clearly needed a bit of help. I almost ended up in the mixer! Sadly I didn’t get to taste any.



I helped sort out the Christmas decorations too, can you spot the interloper?!


Several Close Shaves

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Today I helped Rob and Martha do their present wrapping. Here I am wrapping a parcel.


I had to be careful though – I nearly ended up wrapped up under the tree myself! 20121216_155446

It is a bit chilly up in Lincolnshire so we lit a lovely open fire. I nearly warmed up rather too much!


Christmas Lights and a Cinema Trip

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After school I was off to Lincoln to visit the Christmas Lights. There be a few more than those back in Clovelly.20121214_180033

It were a bit rainy but we walked up a very steep hill, called Steephill to see the Cathedral. Here I am walking up the hill. I did get a bit wet. Nothing like being out to sea though.


Here I am with Rob by the Christmas Tree at the Cathedral.


Walking back down the hill was a bit easier. I did see lots of cobbles like there be at Clovelly.


To dry off, Rob and Martha took me to the cinema to see The Hobbit. There be lots of people here who do look just like Chris.

Captain James goes to school in Lincolnshire (Branch 6)

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I have travelled up to Lincolnshire to see Rob and Martha Barnard (branch 6) and today I went to school with Rob. I did think Rob was a bit old for school, but off we went. I had a very busy day. I did some reading about the Egyptians – they be about even longer ago than me.


They kept be proper busy building something they do call a ‘Mario Kart’ I couldn’t see no osses about to pull it though.


I think everyone be impressed with my work – I even won the Writing Star.



I did some marking and used some thing called a laptop. It be a bit large for my lap though.



I played monopoly and cards, and went on the wii. This be some new fangled device I never seen before. I’m not sure I be so good at it.



It all got a bit loud so I borrowed some ear defenders until everyone went home.


Here I am pretending to be a Christmas Angel. I am not sure a halo would suit me.


I had a lot of fun – thank you class 10 for letting me join in. I think I be off for a busy evening now.

Christmas in Clovelly

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Last night I did pop down Clovelly to zee ‘em Clovelly donkeys. My it be mighty cold down there. Me uncle Tom he did set up home in Clovelly and some of me own descendants be there to this day. I did stop and chat, only polite. Then I did find this strange boat.
2 Dec 2012 capt James waiting for Clovelly lights to be switched on
I did ask me 3 x great grandson Chris Braund (branch 2) what it did be and he did say you couldn’t row it anywhere. Well that be strange. It had a net in it too. It was to be lit up for Christmas hee did say. Then I said hello to me old mate Santa, who I did see last year down in Australia.
2 dec 2012 with father Christmas
I wanted to go and get a few mease of herrin’ but them there pesky seals be about so that be that.

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