Last night I did pop down Clovelly to zee ‘em Clovelly donkeys. My it be mighty cold down there. Me uncle Tom he did set up home in Clovelly and some of me own descendants be there to this day. I did stop and chat, only polite. Then I did find this strange boat.
2 Dec 2012 capt James waiting for Clovelly lights to be switched on
I did ask me 3 x great grandson Chris Braund (branch 2) what it did be and he did say you couldn’t row it anywhere. Well that be strange. It had a net in it too. It was to be lit up for Christmas hee did say. Then I said hello to me old mate Santa, who I did see last year down in Australia.
2 dec 2012 with father Christmas
I wanted to go and get a few mease of herrin’ but them there pesky seals be about so that be that.