I have travelled up to Lincolnshire to see Rob and Martha Barnard (branch 6) and today I went to school with Rob. I did think Rob was a bit old for school, but off we went. I had a very busy day. I did some reading about the Egyptians – they be about even longer ago than me.


They kept be proper busy building something they do call a ‘Mario Kart’ I couldn’t see no osses about to pull it though.


I think everyone be impressed with my work – I even won the Writing Star.



I did some marking and used some thing called a laptop. It be a bit large for my lap though.



I played monopoly and cards, and went on the wii. This be some new fangled device I never seen before. I’m not sure I be so good at it.



It all got a bit loud so I borrowed some ear defenders until everyone went home.


Here I am pretending to be a Christmas Angel. I am not sure a halo would suit me.


I had a lot of fun – thank you class 10 for letting me join in. I think I be off for a busy evening now.