I just be back from a few days in Germany. We did go by train on a very long trip.

I saw the Cathedral. It be a bit bigger than St Anne’s at Bucks.




Here is a view of Cologne from the top of a very high up building. Don’t look like there be many fish in that there water.



There were lots of padlocks couple had put on this bridge. I did think I should have brought one for Mary and me to leave.



There be very calm water in Cologne – this doesn’t look like any boat I seen before.



Rob and Martha had some tea. I didn’t have a very comfy seat ‘ere.



Here be the Cathedral again with Martha, on the roof of some art gallery. It all be very odd.



Then we did look at the Christmas markets. It all be very busy and noisy and there were some very funny music there.

P1050913             P1050874


Merry Christmas from Captain James.