Captain James in an Igloo

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Haven’t got none of these ‘ere snowmobiles down Bucks – they be mighty fast.

Driving the snowmobile

This ‘ere igloo be me new ‘ome for a spell.

at the igloo


Captain James Meets a Fisherman

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Today we did go up a mountain in a strange glass object called a gondola. I could do with some of them there thermals.
In Gondola going up mountain
In restaurant on top of Levi
I did meet a Sami fisherman and had a go in his boat – not too different from my picarooner.
With Sami friend and boat
I did sit and get warm in the restaurant by this ‘ere candle.
In restaurant
Next thing I know I am off in a sleigh with a reindeer. Beats going up the Clovelly cobbles on a donkey.
On reindeer sleigh

Captain James and Some Huskies

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Last night I did spend in some strange structure that be a glass igloo – all I know is that there be a mighty lot of snow.
Today I did drive some huskies across the snow. Proper job! Then I did cook some sausage in a Sami hut called a kota.
Capt J in kota
3 x great grandson Chris do look like he have a mouthful of sausage ere.
Capt James and husky
‘ere I be with one of the huskies.

Captain James goes to Finland 20th January 2013

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Well I be off on my travels again. It be mighty snowy in Debn so what does that there 3 x great grandson of mine do but take me off to Finland! I can’t even chat to Santa as he be off on his well earned holidays.
Here I be at Gatwick – lucky we weren’t delayed too long.
At Gatwick
We be somewhere called Levi, which I did think be a make of trews. It me a might chilly and I did climb up this tree to keep me boots dry.
Ive had to climb up here to keep my feet warm
I made that there Chris do a bit of work though. Now he do say we be off to an igloo brrr.
 Making Chris work

Captain James Goes to London

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At new year I did go to London with Martha and Rob to see some puppets at the theatre in War Horse. It were very good but the osses didn’t look much like Clovelly donkeys.


The next day we did go to see some people playing a game they do call ‘football’. It was very odd and there be lots of shouting.


Now I be back in Lincolnshire where Janet Few (Branch 6) and Chris Braund (Branch 2) do be visiting.