Captain James in Plymouth April 2013

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‘Back to Devon at last! Went to Plymouth Hoe and saw Smeaton’s Tower, which is 50 years older than me’
capt james at plymouth hoe

Australia, New Zealand and Fiji with Terry and Christine February – March 2013

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     I’ve been off to Australia and New Zealand again, and to Fiji this time with Terry and Christine Gill (branch 2). Plus, I kept going eastwards and crossed the International Date Line and had two March 28ths. Funny thing this date line, I arrived in America before I left Fiji!

I went to Cape Tribulation in northern Queensland where Captain Cook’s ship the Endeavour struck the Great Barrier Reef.

Cape Tribulation 220213

I stayed in a forest cabin beside the beach.

Cabin at the beach 220213

Then I went to Sydney where I met Joy and Glenn Johnson (branch 2) and also tried to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge but was told I was too small.

I spent some time on the beach in Melbourne where my photograph was taken with the beach huts on Brighton beach.

Brighton Beach 130313

I also went to Waitangi in New Zealand and tried a bit of sailing in the Bay of Islands. Tricky things these catamarans.

Catamaran at Bay of Islands 170313

Then I arrived in Fiji and stayed on the tropical island next door to where the film Castaway was made.

Fiji - Mana Island Jetty 260313


Fiji - Mana Island 260313

Tom Hanks eat your heart out. It was lovely and hot and the midgies didn’t bother me. After crossing the dateline, I looked in at Los Angeles airport to change planes before getting back down to Devon.

LA Airport Flight BA282 280313