I’ve been off to Australia and New Zealand again, and to Fiji this time with Terry and Christine Gill (branch 2). Plus, I kept going eastwards and crossed the International Date Line and had two March 28ths. Funny thing this date line, I arrived in America before I left Fiji!

I went to Cape Tribulation in northern Queensland where Captain Cook’s ship the Endeavour struck the Great Barrier Reef.

Cape Tribulation 220213

I stayed in a forest cabin beside the beach.

Cabin at the beach 220213

Then I went to Sydney where I met Joy and Glenn Johnson (branch 2) and also tried to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge but was told I was too small.

I spent some time on the beach in Melbourne where my photograph was taken with the beach huts on Brighton beach.

Brighton Beach 130313

I also went to Waitangi in New Zealand and tried a bit of sailing in the Bay of Islands. Tricky things these catamarans.

Catamaran at Bay of Islands 170313

Then I arrived in Fiji and stayed on the tropical island next door to where the film Castaway was made.

Fiji - Mana Island Jetty 260313


Fiji - Mana Island 260313

Tom Hanks eat your heart out. It was lovely and hot and the midgies didn’t bother me. After crossing the dateline, I looked in at Los Angeles airport to change planes before getting back down to Devon.

LA Airport Flight BA282 280313