Monday 6th May – A day out in Bude with the Braund Society. Here I am with Dave Braund (branch 4). Should have brought the ’ole Ebeneezer down.



I also had my picture taken with Maureen Braund (branch 4).


This menu mentions Cornish Cream Tea – Cornish?!! Where be me Deb’n pasties?


Friday 7th June – I be on what they do call Euro Tunnel Train heading to France. I don’t know why we can’t go by boat.


Saturday 8th June – I stopped at Chateauroux over night in the pouring rain. It always rains when the Braunds go to France. I don’t know who that be over there. Looks mighty like me. I bin warned about that there identity fraud.


Sunday 9th June – Arrived at Sauveterr e-la-Lemance a lovely camp site situated near Fumel.

Wednesday 12th June – Visited Rocamadour a village built in the hillside with wonderful views.




Friday 14th June – Villfranche, just a short ride from the site, a very small village I am in front of the market square. Also went to Monpazie one of the many walled villages in the area.


Spent the rest of me holiday visiting many places in France, especially vineyards. To be polite, I offered to taste the wine for Dave and Steve Braund. I do prefer me Deb’n scrumpy. Made our way home on the 23rd June.


Quick turn around after 5 days, left for Switzerland for Callum Braund’s 18th Birthday treat.