I did go on the Esk Valley train from Whitby to Middlesborough. It be a little different to a boat but a good deal warmer!

P1060809     P1060811

We did walk across the Moors to look at Danby Castle. It be very old – even older than me.

P1060814     P1060820

I also went to see Whitby Abbey – another very old building.


I had fish and chips at Quayside for my lunch – no mackerel here though, only sustainable cod (sounds a strange type of fish to me).


Whitby Pier did be jolly windy. This ‘ere boat did seem a bit bigger than my fishing boat.

P1060870      P1060872

Here I be playing Hide and Seek in Rob and Martha’s cottage

P1060873     P1060875

P1060876     P1060877

P1060878     P1060879

P1060880      P1060882

It were OK until they nearly left me behind.