Well I been ‘ome in Deben with all me descendants and others of the Braund clan.
They did take me abroad to Cornwall to visit Tintagel Castle but the Cornish be a mite odd – they do put their jam and cream the wrong way round on their cream teas.
Tintagel 2
Then HRH Princess Anne did visit Clovelly and stop by for a chat. I don’t know why she chose to go to see them there Clovelly donkeys and not me old ‘ome town of Bucks but there.
She be unveiling a monument to me cousin John and others who did perish in the storm of 1838 off these parts.
Now I be whisked away with Pam and Brian (branch 1) who be taking me back across the channel. I hear tell we be goin’ to France, Spain and Portugal. Me son Reuben – he went to Portugal to collect salt one time in the ole Ebenezeer.
   Off with Brian and Pam