I bin on a gurt ship with no mast or sails. I didn’t even have to row! We bin all round the Baltic.
In Belgium we stopped at Bruges, there be some big ole buildings here. I went to a herring market but they baint very good at fishing as I didn’t see any herring.
Herring Market, Damme 12 July 2015
Damme, Belgium
Then on to Germany and the fishing village of Warnemunde; I did see a sign but they can’t spell my name right.
14 July Warnemunde
Next I did go to the old town of Tallin in Estonia; it be an old place but there baint no Braunds.
Then I be in Russia.
18 July 2015 St Petersburg (26)
I did go on the canals in St. Petersburg.
18 July 2015 St Petersburg (24)This boat be a bit more like the ole Ebeneezer. There be a lot of gold about. I don’t think it would look quite right on King’s Cottage back ‘ome.
17 July 2015 St Petersburg St Isaac's Cathedral
Porvoo in Finland be a bit like Clovelly but they do allow cars on their cobbles and I didn’t see any donkeys.
19 July 2015 (14)
19 July 2015 (4)
In Sweden I saw a proper boat, the Vasa and did try to fire a cannon.
Vasa Museum, Stockholm 20 July 2015 (32)
Vasa Museum, Stockholm 20 July 2015
Then I be off to  Copenhagen to help to guard the palace.
22 July 2015 Copenhagen (11)