001 Bideford Quay 15 Sept

002 Bideford Quay 15 Sept

‘I be away again. I did leave from Bideford Quay as my big brother William did in 1836 but instead of taking six weeks at sea, I be on a plane, right across Canada and back again in that time.

003 On the Plane 16 Sept

That there Janet has me being a visual aid at the conference for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa – much more o’ this and I be chargin’ an appearance fee.

004 BIFHSGO Conference

Then we do ‘ead for Prince Edward Island. Many folk from Bideford be settled ‘ere. Some o’ me mates be on the timber ships, back and forth for the shipbuilders in Appledore.’

005 Prince Edward Island