I did travel across Canada in one of them there camper vans; it be a gurt big one.
011 8 October 2015
 We did head to Upper Canada Village where I saw a Mill but it baint like the mill back home at Bucks.
006 Upper Canada Village Mill 1 October
007 Upper Canada Village General Store 1 Oct There were plenty of fish but that there 3x great grandson of mine said we weren’t allowed to catch them.
008 Fishing, Upper Canada Village 1 October 2015
Then on a train up the Agawa Canyon.
009 Agawa Canyon 5 Oct 2015
I paid a visit to Port Hope, home of me big brother William who came out ’ere in the 1830s.
010 Port Hope 8 October 2015
I did find where his house were before they built a gurt bridge. Funny that cos me nephew James be buried under a gurt bridge in New Zealand.
I had great fun meeting all them Braunds in Toronto. DSCF2021