After the Canadian reunion I be taken home by Caro-Claire and Martin (branch 2) and I bin spending time in and around Orillia in Ontario.


I’ve bin very helpful. Here I be helping with the shopping. A bit different to a walk from Bucks to Bideford Market back home.


Caro-Claire found me a ship but I be enjoying meself so much I baint sailing ’ome yet. This looks a bit bigger then the ole Ebeneezer. I had some fish ‘n’ chips and I didn’t even have to catch it meself.


It be a mighty lot of snowy ’ere, we don’t get nothin’ like this in Deben. I’ve even given a hand with shovelling the snow.


They let me join in the Christmas celebrations. Being ’ere in Canada be a proper job.





Looking forrard to spending more time on this side of the pond.