Captain James in Canada at Christmas

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Christmas time was coming and my Canadian hosts in Orillia Ontario. Martin and Caro-Claire Braund Wiles took me for a little ride to a delightful store that specialized in imported British foods and goodies.

Caro-Claire introduced me to the owner David McCormish and asked him if she could show me around the store and take some pictures . I was in my glory to see all the things that were familiar to me from home.

We spent a good while there and at the last I thanked Mr. McCormish for his hospitality.

We went home with a few goodies too



Captain James celebrates Thanksgiving in Canada

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Hello for Orillia Ontario Canada. Captain James here!

I have now been living here for a year now with my cousins Caro-Claire Braund Wiles and her Wanna- be- Braund husband Marty Wiles.
They have shown me a very good time and taken me out and about with them a lot.
We had a very good summer and I must post my pictures of the various outings we went on .
They have been very busy with new babies and bridal showers, birthdays and weddings through August and September.
Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and many people put up lots of decorations both inside and out to celebrate this special time of year.
When we were out, I had my picture taken in some of the homes that had arrangements.

Canada Day 1st July 2016

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Here I be in Orillia celebrating Canada Day. Me big brother William and other folk from down ‘ome did emigrate to Canada and it be a proper nice place.

Out and about in Canada June2016

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Always ready for a ride


The big man was getting a hair cut.  The Captain was content to watch


One of the sons in the family, William Kenneth Braund Wiles came to visit for the Victoria Day Holiday (24th of May).


He was doing a small repair in the front garden and he let the Captain watch. Martin got out the riding lawnmower so he could give me a ride while he cut the lawn.

The Lilacs are out in bloom. They smell good!


Dandelions are also growing profusely but when they go to seed it is fun to blow them away!


Captain James matches the pansies.


A trip in history Canada 2016

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Samuel Champlain was a French explorer who came to this part of the country in 1615.

He spent the winter and made friends with the Indians.

This is a commemorative monument in our beautiful Couchiching Park at the waterfront in Orillia. Captain James wanted to sit with each of the statues and couldn’t make up his mind which one he like the best!



Spring in Canada 2016

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It is spring and we finally got to have a proper welcome for Captain James to our city, Orillia Ontario Canada.   We went to the outskirts and showed him this sign.


Caro-Claire Braund Wiles and her husband Martin are hosting him and he goes about with them to their various appointments.  This time it was to the dental office in Newmarket.


The dental hygienist was all set to check his teeth but he was reluctant to do that and wanted to make a quick exit!

After the “dental experience”. We made a hasty exit and we took him to a very famous Chinese Restaurant Buffet called “The Mandarin”

They have a senior’s discount and as we did not have the Captain’s birth certificate with us we explained that he was visiting with us from the UK and he was born a LONG TIME AGO and that he really did qualify!! They allowed him to have it!


What a feast there was!

However when he saw this fish entrée, he couldn’t resist it and he bypassed some of the Chinese cuisine (after all he is  fisherman!)


Dessert was a different story!


Decisions, decisions!

As we were getting ready to leave, he realized that they had an aquarium of fish, complete with a ship wreck and lots of fish swimming around.


He felt right at home – Hope it didn’t make him too homesick for the sea!

Captain James in Canada

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After the Canadian reunion I be taken home by Caro-Claire and Martin (branch 2) and I bin spending time in and around Orillia in Ontario.


I’ve bin very helpful. Here I be helping with the shopping. A bit different to a walk from Bucks to Bideford Market back home.


Caro-Claire found me a ship but I be enjoying meself so much I baint sailing ’ome yet. This looks a bit bigger then the ole Ebeneezer. I had some fish ‘n’ chips and I didn’t even have to catch it meself.


It be a mighty lot of snowy ’ere, we don’t get nothin’ like this in Deben. I’ve even given a hand with shovelling the snow.


They let me join in the Christmas celebrations. Being ’ere in Canada be a proper job.





Looking forrard to spending more time on this side of the pond.

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