Touring the US with Leilani October 2021 – January 2022

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Elkhart Camp Ground in Elkhart, Indiana
Meeting John and Sue in South Carolina
Mars Cheese Factory Racine, Wisconsin
Walmart Baytown, Texas
With Justin

Captain James on a Socially Distanced Walk – 2020

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Captain James on a Mediterranean Cruise – Autumn 2019

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Aboard the Explorer of the Seas

Captain James Meets Dexter


Mirus, Andalucia


Captain James on his travels – Spring and Summer 2019

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Captain James at Family Tree Live April 2019

Captain James visits Family Tree Live in April

Then he headed to the Braund Society Reunion in North Devon in May

May reunion (2)
May reunion

He then headed to Northumberland with Janet Few (branch 6) and Chris Braund (Branch 2)

Northumberland May 2019 1
Northumberland May 2019 2

Finally, he visited THE Genealogy Show

THE Genealogy Show 2019 2
THE Genealogy Show 2019 3 Guild of one name studies stand
THE Genealogy Show June 2019

Captain James in Alaska September 2018

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It seems that no sooner I be home than I be whisked off again. This time on a plane to America.  I be sat across the aisle from Jaci Braund.


Then it was off on a gurt great ship from Seattle to Alaska. Baint my sort o’ ship of  course but it be a smooth voyage.

DSCF0724   DSCF0725

We did see wonderous scenery and mighty glaciers.

DSCF0732   DSCF0736

Then I be a prop for Janet Few (branch 6) to give a lecture about inspiring the young folk with a love of history and heritage.

Here I be with some others of my ilk that I did encounter.

DSCF0546  DSCF0811

Captain James in New Zealand

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Next we know, I be off to New Zealand. There be plenty of boats round ‘ere. First I had a go at steering the Gem of the Sound at Milford Sound. It were a tad murky but with my help we got back to harbor.

 Another day another Sound. Doubtful Sound this time on the Fiordland Navigator. This time the sun did shine.

 Then I be in Dunedin on the Monarch. There be some gurt birds about, albatross. They do say they be the souls of departed fishermen. If so all my ancestors be about.

Capt James on the Gem of the Sound Milford Sound 1Capt James on the Gem of the Sound Milford Sound 2Captain James Fiordland Navigator Doubtful Sound 1Captain James Fiordland Navigator Doubtful Sound 2Captain James Fiordland Navigator Doubtful Sound 3Captain James on the Monarch, Otago Harbour

Captain James in Peru – April 2018

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I be spending some time in Darkest Peru with Chris Braund (branch 2), Pam and Brian Hall (branch 1) and Janet Few (branch 6). They did take me to a little fishing village called Paracas. They we be off on a boat to some islands. I be well wrapped up in me life jacket. They do have seals her just like at ‘ome. I didn’t do no fishin’ though there be plenty of fish to eat.


Captain James out and about again

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High up on a roof

With Chairman Chris giving a talk

At Sacrewell, Peterborough with Edward






Captain James on the Isle of Wight

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At Blackgang Chine and the Donkey Sanctuary



Captain James on the Channel Islands September-October 2017

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here I be, all set to sail for them there Channel Islands and the pesky landlubbers did say it be too windy. Barely a flutter I thought. I’d have been there in the ole Ebeneezer like a shot. Soft that’s what they be.

Well, eventually we did set off and the swell did get to a few of the shipmates. Next day and we be afloat again off to the island of Herm. I joined the crew for the voyage. I helped this chap with his lobster pot at the folk museum and found me a boat.

Then I be walking through Sausmarez Sculpture Gardens and what do I see but a Clovelly donkey. There be a few sheep too.

There be a good few boats in the harbours.

I hopped on board a fishing boat on Castle Cornet and had a chat to my friend the gunner and shared a drop of ale.

Then ’twas off on a boat again to the Isle of Sark. These ’ere ‘osses be a bit bigger than the Clovelly donkeys.

We be off to another island and having more adventures on Jersey. I did end up on a passing strange craft. It be a boat yet it has wheels. I’ve not seen something like this down Bucks.

Then I did meet with Sally Smuggler. It be said that she do hide the bottles of grog in her petticoats. No smuggling for us Braunds, just what we do call redistribution of assets.

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