Captain James in Peru – April 2018

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I be spending some time in Darkest Peru with Chris Braund (branch 2), Pam and Brian Hall (branch 1) and Janet Few (branch 6). They did take me to a little fishing village called Paracas. They we be off on a boat to some islands. I be well wrapped up in me life jacket. They do have seals her just like at ‘ome. I didn’t do no fishin’ though there be plenty of fish to eat.



Captain James out and about again

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High up on a roof

With Chairman Chris giving a talk

At Sacrewell, Peterborough with Edward






Captain James on the Isle of Wight

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At Blackgang Chine and the Donkey Sanctuary



Captain James on the Channel Islands September-October 2017

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here I be, all set to sail for them there Channel Islands and the pesky landlubbers did say it be too windy. Barely a flutter I thought. I’d have been there in the ole Ebeneezer like a shot. Soft that’s what they be.

Well, eventually we did set off and the swell did get to a few of the shipmates. Next day and we be afloat again off to the island of Herm. I joined the crew for the voyage. I helped this chap with his lobster pot at the folk museum and found me a boat.

Then I be walking through Sausmarez Sculpture Gardens and what do I see but a Clovelly donkey. There be a few sheep too.

There be a good few boats in the harbours.

I hopped on board a fishing boat on Castle Cornet and had a chat to my friend the gunner and shared a drop of ale.

Then ’twas off on a boat again to the Isle of Sark. These ’ere ‘osses be a bit bigger than the Clovelly donkeys.

We be off to another island and having more adventures on Jersey. I did end up on a passing strange craft. It be a boat yet it has wheels. I’ve not seen something like this down Bucks.

Then I did meet with Sally Smuggler. It be said that she do hide the bottles of grog in her petticoats. No smuggling for us Braunds, just what we do call redistribution of assets.

Captain James in Australia April 2017

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I arrived in Ballarat from Canada in my very own tiny cozy cabin with bubble wrapped walls.  Cousins Pam & Brian Hall were not home when I arrived so I sat on the doorstep and waited.  The next door neighbour kindly gave me accommodation until they arrived home several days later. 

 I helped them pack their camper and we headed off to the Australasian Braund Reunion in Edithburg, South Australia.  We spent the first night camping on the bank of the Murray River at Mannum, enjoying the sunshine and river views under the shady River Red Gum trees.


The next morning we drove to the Yorke Peninsular and down to Edithburg where we spent the next 4 days with Branch 4 cousins.  I sang with Susie, photographed with Len, walked the cemeteries with Chris, played at the museum with Pam and had lots of lovely food and drinks with Beth and John.


After the reunion we travelled over to the Eyre Peninsular for 2 weeks camping around the peninsular with Pam and Brian and their friends Willy and Eddie.  We saw lots of rugged coastlines, but with beautiful white sandy beaches.  The many different birds and animals were a surprise, with emus, kangaroos and lizards everywhere. 


To remind me of home, they took me fishing along the way, catching Australian Salmon, Australian Herring, Flathead, Wrasse and a Banjo Shark. They were delicious. 




We visited several national parks driving along red dirt roads and hiked through bushland and gorges.


We had only returned to Ballarat for three days to restock the camper and headed up to the Goulburn River near Alexander for Easter.  I camped on the river bank with Pam and Brian and their friends Kylie, Graeme and their children James and Laura.  Lots more fishing for trout and playing with the kids.  The Easter egg hunt was great fun and I had my fill of chocolate.  We had a campfire and had toasted marshmallows, chocolate bananas and meals cooked on the fire.

Back in Ballarat we went on a bike ride around Lake Wendouree which was most enjoyable. Saw lots of black swans on the lake.  I kept saying they were the wrong colour, but they insisted that all Australian swans are black.  I also caught up with cousins Clare and Xavier.  It was great to play with the train set with Xavier.


Packing again for my trip back to Devon for the Braund Reunion.  Travelling in my cozy cabin again with Pam and Brian.  Looking forward to catching up with all the cousins aft the reunion again.

Captain James in Canada at Christmas

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Christmas time was coming and my Canadian hosts in Orillia Ontario. Martin and Caro-Claire Braund Wiles took me for a little ride to a delightful store that specialized in imported British foods and goodies.

Caro-Claire introduced me to the owner David McCormish and asked him if she could show me around the store and take some pictures . I was in my glory to see all the things that were familiar to me from home.

We spent a good while there and at the last I thanked Mr. McCormish for his hospitality.

We went home with a few goodies too



Captain James celebrates Thanksgiving in Canada

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Hello for Orillia Ontario Canada. Captain James here!

I have now been living here for a year now with my cousins Caro-Claire Braund Wiles and her Wanna- be- Braund husband Marty Wiles.
They have shown me a very good time and taken me out and about with them a lot.
We had a very good summer and I must post my pictures of the various outings we went on .
They have been very busy with new babies and bridal showers, birthdays and weddings through August and September.
Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and many people put up lots of decorations both inside and out to celebrate this special time of year.
When we were out, I had my picture taken in some of the homes that had arrangements.

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