Captain James is off to Canada September – October 2015

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001 Bideford Quay 15 Sept

002 Bideford Quay 15 Sept

‘I be away again. I did leave from Bideford Quay as my big brother William did in 1836 but instead of taking six weeks at sea, I be on a plane, right across Canada and back again in that time.

003 On the Plane 16 Sept

That there Janet has me being a visual aid at the conference for the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa – much more o’ this and I be chargin’ an appearance fee.

004 BIFHSGO Conference

Then we do ‘ead for Prince Edward Island. Many folk from Bideford be settled ‘ere. Some o’ me mates be on the timber ships, back and forth for the shipbuilders in Appledore.’

005 Prince Edward Island

Captain James at Sea Summer 2015

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I bin on a gurt ship with no mast or sails. I didn’t even have to row! We bin all round the Baltic.
In Belgium we stopped at Bruges, there be some big ole buildings here. I went to a herring market but they baint very good at fishing as I didn’t see any herring.
Herring Market, Damme 12 July 2015
Damme, Belgium
Then on to Germany and the fishing village of Warnemunde; I did see a sign but they can’t spell my name right.
14 July Warnemunde
Next I did go to the old town of Tallin in Estonia; it be an old place but there baint no Braunds.
Then I be in Russia.
18 July 2015 St Petersburg (26)
I did go on the canals in St. Petersburg.
18 July 2015 St Petersburg (24)This boat be a bit more like the ole Ebeneezer. There be a lot of gold about. I don’t think it would look quite right on King’s Cottage back ‘ome.
17 July 2015 St Petersburg St Isaac's Cathedral
Porvoo in Finland be a bit like Clovelly but they do allow cars on their cobbles and I didn’t see any donkeys.
19 July 2015 (14)
19 July 2015 (4)
In Sweden I saw a proper boat, the Vasa and did try to fire a cannon.
Vasa Museum, Stockholm 20 July 2015 (32)
Vasa Museum, Stockholm 20 July 2015
Then I be off to  Copenhagen to help to guard the palace.
22 July 2015 Copenhagen (11)

Captain James meets Eric Knowles

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Today I be at what they do call a family history fair. I hear tell I be in Birmingham and some Braunds did pass this way. I get to meet folk from family history societies, spending time looking at where Braunds be from with the Guild of One Name Studies
Looking at distributions of the braund surname with GOONS
and then meeting Oakey at Devon Family History Society’s stand.
at devon FHS stand
I did sup a cup o’ tay in the Findmypast café
at the Findmypast cafe
and pass by a gurt monument to the fallen of the first world war.
with the british legion monument to the fallen
Then I did contemplate taking a Baltic voyage in the ole Ebenezer.
Contemplating a baltic cruise (1)
My three time great grandson did say he be taking me there soon but on some monstrous vessel ‘e do call a cruise liner.
 This be a mighty big ship (1)
I did pass by the famous antiques’ expert, Mr Eric Knowles, only to be told I be an antique of no particular value!
 meeting Eric Knowles
With thanks to Mr Eric Knowles

Captain James’ adventures continue – December 2014

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Before Christmas I do be off to Aylesbury, where that there Janet be giving a talk. I be what they do call a ‘visual aid’. I did meet Tony and Nicky from branch 1 while I be there.
Aylesbury d be in Bucks they say but b’aint my sort of Bucks.
Then I did go to Bucks to sing some carols on Christmas Eve

Captain James is on his travels again December 2014

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That there 3 times great grandson of mine, Chris Braund. Did take me to the Isle of Wight. We did go by boat but it weren’t my sort o’ boat.
Before I did know it I be whisked off to Blist’s Hill, where I be right at home as they do all be from me own time.
DSCF2030 DSCF2032
Then I be in Cambridge because young Lucy be one year old.
 2 Nov 2014 with Capt James 2
Then I did go to Bucks but it weren’t me own Bucks – there be another one! I be what you do call a visual aid for Janet (branch 6). I did meet Tony and Nicki (branch 1) while I be there.

Captain James in Europe – August 2014

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‘ere I be in Avignon

 Cave Monastery Aragon

I did visit a Cave Monastery in Aragon

La Mancha

Then I saw some windmills at La Mancha

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

Le Train Jaune

‘Ere I be travelling on Le Train Jaune. I would much rather be on my boat.



Pont du Gard

Pont Du Gard



San Remo

Then we did visit San Remo. No fishing boats ‘ere.

Spanish Pyrenees

The Spanish Pyrenees

Viaduct de Millau

Viaduct de Millau

Around Europe with Pam and Brian July 2014

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‘ere I be at the Alhambra Palace

 Cabo da Roc

I did visit Cabo da Roc

 Cadiz Fish Market

I did come to Cadiz Fish Market. I wonder if they did use a boat like mine to catch them.


Fighting the French Monsanto

I be using this cannon to fight the French Monsanto

Hiking the Pyrinees

‘ere I be hiking the Pyrenees – hitching a ride

Riding Chamois Picos de Europa

I were riding Chamois Picos de Europa


‘ere I be at Sabugal

Santiago de Compostela

I did come to see Santiago de Compostela


‘ere I be at Tomar

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